Reading Like a Historian (questions from Stanford's curriculum).

Read and answer questions:

Below is a tutorial about how the Puritans viewed the world. A brief, mandatory quiz is embedded in the video. Watch the video in full screen mode to best see the questions.

Tomorrow (Friday) is the Boss Level. All of your skills and knowledge -- about claims-based argumentation and the Puritans -- will be put to the test. Socratic Smackdown will be played in-class, in small groups. Everyone will play. You will be playing for your team.

Socratic Smackdown in-class debate question: Were the Puritans selfish or selfless?

NOTE: The video below plays on most devices, including iPads. It requires a free app player for iPhone only. Here's the Camtasia Player for iPhone link: If you cannot download the player app, then watch it on YouTube. The questions to answer are in the video's description on YouTube, which can be answered on paper and turned in tomorrow: