Debating the Puritans
  • Socratic Smackdown: Debating the Puritans will be in-class Friday! By then you will be a master of face-to-face debates. (What is exactly is Socratic Smackdown? Here's a sneak peak:
  • Each night you will review one of the three modules ("Levels"), presented as a screencast video. The videos provide background to play the assessment activities the following days in class.
  • Mr. Farber will "unlock" future Levels each day, after you demonstrate mastery in class. You should arrive to class knowing the lessons (e.g., how-to play Mars Generation One: Argubot Academy, Socratic Smackdown, or the in-game content to be argued).
  • Each Level has a homework component, due in class the following day.
  • Now, please proceed to Level One.